About us

Over the past 10 years the Directors of Connect 2 Families have both held Senior Management positions specifically the operational leadership of Targeted Early Help Teams across Coventry and are confident in their high level of skill and expertise. Critically, National Government is actively endorsing Early Help and Prevention as the route to reduce the numbers of children accessing high cost specialist services. This has enabled us to establish a business at a time when significant gaps are emerging as Local Authorities look to their partners to take the lead in early help.

Connect 2 Families offers a wide range of expertise in safeguarding, early help, criminal justice and youth work, and have successfully achieved Payment by Results for Government funding. Both Directors have a proven track record of effective partnership working and have forged positive working relationships with Education, Voluntary Sector, Private and Independent Providers, Warwick and Birmingham Universities and West Midlands Police. Recent contracts has resulted in:

btn.png Designing and delivering an internal advanced safeguarding training programme for supported independent accommodation for 16-17 year olds;

btn.png Delivery of our Pro-Social Modelling Training for education.

btn.png Consultation and production of an Early Help Strategy and Policy for education.