Support to Prison and Probation Services

Advanced Safeguarding Training for Prison Officers and Probation Officers

Preparing and enhancing the knowledge and skill set for Prison Officers working with male and female offenders in prison to support relationships with their child/children whilst in custody in order to support re-establishing contact between the offenders and their families to aid smoother transition out of prison and reduce the likelihood of re-offending.

This training includes a strong focus on working with offenders on Community Rehabilitation Orders and Licenses looking at the impact their offending has had on their families.

How will this support your agency?

btn.png Reduces the negative impact on children due to the separation from their parent and/or carer and the potential for longer term attachment implications.

btn.png Re-settlement back into the family is well coordinated and improves the likelihood of sustained changes with regard to minimising the chances of re-offending.

btn.png Breaking the cycle of intergenerational offending patterns.

btn.png Improved service connections enabling families smoother transitions from one service area to another – key transition points from prison to community and vice versa.

btn.png Ensuring Prison Estates meet Government requirements, enabling better linkage with local resettlement services and improved family contact.