Safeguarding Children

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safe children.pngIntroduction to Safeguarding Children: by the end of the training your organisation will understand their statutory responsibilities, including those organisations who fall under The Charities Commission; understand the role of safeguarding coordinator; have developed a balanced approach to safeguarding; have refreshed and enhanced your knowledge of the signs and symptoms of abuse; understand how to respond to discloses of abuse – including escalation of concerns for faith organisations with the local authority and The Charities Commission.

Advanced Safeguarding for Children: deepening your organisations knowledge and skills in safeguarding within the community you serve; extra familial safeguarding and how this impacts on our approach to our safeguarding practice regarding peer-on-peer abuse; modern day slavery and child trafficking, and honour based violence.

Transitional Safeguarding – Adolescents to Young Adults: this training unpacks the gap between child and adult safeguarding, in particular the vulnerability of children who don’t meet the bar for adult services; explore how we can best meet the needs of our adolescents and young adults to deliver a service that is both innovative and supports their very individual needs.

Child Sexual Exploitation: sexual exploitation is a serious crime and can have long lasting adverse impact on a child’s physical, mental and emotional health. It may also be interconnected with child trafficking, modern day slavery and criminal exploitation. Our training will take you through why some children are more vulnerable to exploitation; the push and pull factors used by abusers to groom their victims and how complex sexual exploitation cases are managed in the criminal justice system.

Child Criminal Exploitation: by the end of our training, you will have a clear understanding of what child criminal exploitation is; why some children are more vulnerable to exploitation; the risks that children are exposed to associated with criminal exploitation and key learning areas for your organisation in best practice when working with children abused in this way.

safeguarding children