Advanced Safeguarding and Early Help Training

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Our training is especially designed for organisations working with children, young people and families, within early help and/or specialist services. We aim to achieve a deeper understanding and skill set for practitioners and managers who are working with some of our most vulnerable children. Connect 2 Families is at the forefront of safeguarding training design and delivery and it is in these fields that we excel and offer services accordingly. We provide training to the highest possible standards through courses that are designed specifically to your organisational needs and as such we provide consultation to ensure we know our clients. We highly recommend post training transfer and offer a mentoring service founded on research and evidenced based methodology to ensure learning is not lost. 

Building resilience in staff is essential to successful outcomes for children. It is because of this that Connect 2 Families has taken an in depth look at what resilience means and how it can help optimise performance and change mindsets by building strength and hardiness into practice aimed at workers releasing their full potential to cope well even under the most acute circumstances.


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Connect 2 Families is driven by a fundamental belief that even the best organisations can fly higher. Our extensive experience and knowledge in safeguarding, early help, children’s social care and the criminal justice system means we are able to offer a holistic approach and advice on strategic planning and policy at an individual, local or regional level. Together, we aim to solve some of the most difficult and complex challenges in the public and private sector, by identifying and implementing the changes, which will achieve the greatest impact. 


-“the training was well explained and was good to have activities and recap’s along the way to make sure everything was well understood” Adult Exploitation and the Implications for Professional Boundaries, Supported Independent Accommodation 2019.

-“I liked most Bandura’s learning theory” Pro-Social Modelling, Wheelers Lane Primary School 2019.

-“both trainers were brilliant” Advanced Safeguarding Training, Supported Independent Accommodation 2019.